For me, teaching photography is nearly as much fun as practicing the art of photography itself.

Over the past few years I’ve put together workshops where I can share my knowledge and experience with other photographers of similar interests. I encourage participants to share their own experience and ideas with the rest of the group as even the most seasoned photographers can learn something new.

I currently offer three photography workshops with a fourth in development right now. Below are brief descriptions of each one along with a link to each workshop’s page for more details.

The Headshot – From Start to Finish

A good headshot presents what a person looks like but a great headshot will tell you who they are. Creating a connection to your subject is the key to creating an engaging and attractive image.
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Photographing Flat Artwork – Sept 5th, 2020

Getting good quality photographs of flat artwork can be a difficult task. Come spend an afternoon with photographer Brandon Jackson and your fellow artists as we discuss the challenges and best practices involved with capturing quality images of flat art pieces.
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Seeing the Light – A Studio Lighting Workshop

This workshop is really more “play” than work as we will spend a large portion of the time actually shooting with studio lights and getting to try out a wide variety of modifiers.
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1,000 Words – Creating Compelling Portraits

This will be a two and half day workshop focused on creating compelling portraits that tell a story. During this workshop we will work on capturing images that engage the viewer’s imagination.
More details to come!
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