I believe that a good headshot shows what a person looks like but a great headshot will show you who they really are. Getting the best expression from your subject and most often the key is getting the subject comfortable and relaxed. Everyone’s approach to building a rapport will be different but becoming skilled at this is just as important as getting the technical aspects correct.

In this workshop I will go over my headshot photography process from camera and lighting setup to post processing and “fast” retouching. I believe that tethering is one of the best tools the modern headshot photographer can use. Letting the subject see their images as they are captured helps bring them into the process. You will work with them as a team to find that “best shot”.

Topics Covered:

– Lighting setup
– Tethered shooting setup
– Working with your subject
– Capturing images (shooting!)
– Reviewing your images
– Post processing

The next session is scheduled soon for July 1st, 2018.
You can register for this workshop by clicking here.

These sessions will be interactive and participants will have the chance to shoot with our models (and/or their fellow participants) during the session. I encourage attendees to bring their cameras along but recommend shooting with my camera as it will already be tethered. Tethering is an important part of my workflow for headshots so this is why I recommend we use my camera so we don’t have to worry about setting up everyone’s cameras separately.

If you have any questions please reach out to me via email at brandon@jacksonphotoworks.com or you can call or text to 615.519.7078.