I’ve been doing a lot of headshots this year and I often have to do a few things to a lot of images over and over. Mostly it involves culling through images, making a few tweaks in Camera Raw, and then bringing the shots into Photoshop for the final post work. This involves a lot of clicking and dragging of on screen sliders as well as some keyboard shortcuts that are less than ideal at times for speed. Enter the ShuttleExpress.

ShuttleXpress Black 72dpiThe ShuttleXpress is a small round controller that looks like a small flying saucer has landed on your desk. In the center is a spinning dial or “jog wheel” and it is surrounded by a rubberized “shuttle wheel”. Across the top half of the circular controller are five buttons. At the top of the base (at the 12 o’clock position) is a 20 inch (51cm) usb cable.

The central dial has a small indentation that lets one spin the dial with just a fingertip. This dial has no stopping point and will spin either direction endlessly as long as it is turned. The shuttle wheel that surrounds this dial is spring loaded and provides increased resistance as it is turned further to either side. It does not spin around entirely and snaps back into its original position when released.

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