As you may (or may not) heard, the digital camera review site, is being shuttered by its owners, Amazon. This site, for reviews of digital cameras and associated gear, has provided detailed reviews for over two decades and the site contains a wealth of information and opinions. Whether one is a fan of their work or not, it’s hard to dispute that had an influence in the digital photography industry.

So much content that might not get archived would be a tragedy

One of the most disappointing aspects that can be inferred about this closure is that the announcement details seem to indicate that after a certain amount of time, the entire site will simply be shut down and deleted. Why Amazon would simply just delete the treasure trove of information and photographic equipment reference data is beyond my understanding, and I’m not alone. Amazon, being in possession of truly massive cloud storage, would seemingly have plenty of space to keep the site available in archive form. Of course, these decisions aren’t up to us content consumers and perhaps there are other reasons we aren’t privy to, but it is a disappointment nonetheless.

One of the areas I have enjoyed most of‘s content has been the addition of the DPReviewTV YouTube channel hosted by Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake. This dynamic duo, who got their start at The Camera Store in Canada creating video reviews, went over to several years ago and injected what I felt was some great, in use, real-world reviews of gear. Chris and Jordan also bring a healthy sense of humor and fun to their content, which can help make a potentially mundane review, entertaining and keep viewers coming back for more.

Jordan Drake and Chris Niccolls from DPReviewTV will be joining top lead that site’s YouTube channel

The good news, at least for fans of Chris and Jordan, is that they will be joining the team to lead the site’s YouTube Channel. I hate the circumstances for which they are making this move, but I’m very glad they landed at I have been a contributing writer for since last year, and I feel that leadership there appreciates good informative and educational content.

Finally, while I’m happy to see Chris and Jordan have found a new home, my heart goes out to all the staff that haven’t been as fortunate. I think if you’re a part of a site like,, and others, you are there because photography is your passion, not just a job. I hope all those that lost their jobs are able to find a new role where they can put their talent and passion to work.