This past weekend I had the chance to step out of the headshot space and do something a bit different. My friend Marie asked if I could capture some images with her Viola. She will be playing with the Nashville Symphony next year and needed some updated images to provide them. I was instantly on board and excited to be getting into a more creative and dramatic area for this shoot. Marie arrived looking fantastic and during the static poses she just knocked it out.

The real treat for me was when I asked her to play while I shot some frames. The viola is something you don’t often get to hear by itself so this was very cool for me. The viola is larger than the violin and has a slightly deeper and almost “smoky” tone to it. Marie is a wonderful talent and hearing hre play while seeing how effortlessly she does so is, well, kind of magical. I’m so glad Marie asked to do this and the overall shoot was a great experience.

Click the images for a larger view.