Reaching back about 30 years for today’s image. This shot is of my friend Rita Casey (Wollam) back around 1990. This was an experiment where we shot Ektachrome 100+ (EPP+) E-6 slide film and processed it in the C-41 negative process. This “cross-processing” creates an contrasty image with a distinct color shift.

Rita actually worked in the photo lab and was the one who processed and printed this image. She did a good job of returning the color to a somewhat normal balance but it still has the high contrast and crunchy look we wanted.

The actual photo was taken outside in a parking lot at night with s single Vivitar 283 flash on a light stand above, to the left, and a bit behind me (the camera position) leaving the background a deep black. This is an old and lower resolution scan but it still is a favorite for me and Rita.

Olympus OM2
Tamron SP135mm 2.5
Ektachrome 100+ (cross processed in C-41)
Single Vivitar 283 flash
Outside at night