Sometimes that first click of the session sets the tone for the rest of the shoot. This was one of those clicks. I had set up before Ana got to the studio and I felt like I had everything pretty “close” but I hadn’t done a test shot yet. When Ana was dressed I asked her to step into position for a quick “test” and this shot is the result. I couldn’t have been more pleased how the light was falling and its overall quality. Her husband and daughter were there as well and we were looking at the back of the camera with big smiles on our faces. The rest of the shoot went great and we got lots of good images but this “test” shot is still my favorite.

Sony A7rIII
Sony 85mm 1.8
1/160th | f 3.5 | iso 100
AD300 Pro strobes
Glow 24×36 folding softbox with grid to camera left
7″ reflector with grid to camera right
Savage Universal Fashion Gray background