Backing up your images.

I see a lot of discussion across various forums and Facebook groups about backups. Usually in the form of “What backup system/strategy/etc. does everyone here use”. As with a lot of topics on the technical side of digital photography there is rarely a single answer that is best for everyone. However, there is one thing that I feel should be implemented in any backup strategy and that’s redundancy. To illustrate this I wanted to discuss my backup strategy and how it works.

My backup plan includes three backup locations with two if them updated daily and the third updated each week. First, I have a NAS (network attached storage) device on my local network at home. A NAS a dedicated network device that contains a hard drive (or drives) where files can be written to or read from over my home network. While it is nearby in my home, it is not physically connected to my PC. If something were to happen to the computer itself I would still be able to access the backup data from my home network. This backup runs everyday when the computer is idle.

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