When Jaquarius suggested he change into a a robe for some photos during my recent studio lighting workshop, we all weren’t quite sure what to think. However, once he showed us what he had in mind we went for it and I’m glad we did. Definitely some cool vibes in the images we captured like the one presented here. Great job as always, J!
You might notice that I mention a white dry-erase foam board in the details below. I like using dry erase compatible foam core boards as the dry-erase side has a nice gloss to it and can provide some extra “pop” versus a regular matte finished board. Of course if it’s too much I can just user the other side. 🙂
Sony A7rIII
Sony 85mm 1.8
Godox AD300pro strobe
Phottix Raja 60 softbox with grid at camera left
White dry-erase foam board to camera left
Savage light gray washed muslin