Looking back to May of 2020 with this image of the beautiful Calli Carroll. This session was done at her family’s home in Ashland City which offered a fantastic setting and some lovely light as the sun got lower in the sky. This image also shows off one of my favorite lenses, the Sigma 56mm 1.4 on my Olympus EM-1 mk2 camera I used at the time. The rendering is both sharp and “dreamy” when used wide open and the overall effect gives it a very film like quality in my view. I’m still searching for this look with my Sony cameras/lens combinations (and might have found it). Of course Calli has a real knack for making any of my photos look great just by being there.
Assist: Carmen Bellos
Olympus OMD-EM1mk2
Sigma 56mm 1.4
Lasolite tri-grip reflector