SEEING THE LIGHT - A Studio Lighting Workshop

An Afternoon of Studio Lighting

Come join me for an afternoon of hands-on learning with studio strobes and light modifiers. This workshop is really more “play” than work as we will spend a large portion of the time actually shooting with studio lights and getting to try out a wide variety of modifiers. This is a great opportunity to gain experience with different types of light shaping tools which will help you to find what works best for your style of photography.

When: Saturday December 5th | 1:00 to 5:00 pm
Where: On-Track Studios | 1978 Wilson Pk | Franklin, TN
How Much: $75.00
How Many: 6 Participants*

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The Details

Discussion topics covered during the workshop will include:

  • Strobe vs Continuous lights
  • Power Pack and head vs Monolights
  • Using a flash meter
  • Modeling lights and mirrorless camera challenges
  • Using studio flash with daylight

During the live shooting portion of the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to try out various modifiers on the same subject. This is a great way to see the differences and qualities of light that the various sizes, shapes, and designs of a softbox and/or reflector will render. Students are encouraged to bring their cameras to participate in the live shooting portion of the workshop.

We’ll have many (if not all) of these modifiers on hand for participants to work with:

  • 12×36” strip box (grid available)
  • 12×48” strip box (grid available)
  • 38” Parapop (round) softbox
  • 24×32” softbox (X2)
  • 36×48” softbox
  • 12×56” Curved strip box (NEW!)
  • 48” deep parabolic softbox(grid available)
  • 22” Beauty dish (metal) (grid available)
  • 7” standard reflector (X2) (grid available)
  • 12” wide angle reflector

There will also be grids, barndoors, and foam boards on hand for some additional light shaping fun.

This workshop will have two “studio” setups so that everyone will get a chance to spend time trying out the various lights and modifiers. We will have models on hand to work with but I encourage participants to also be subjects. This helps create an understanding of how the setup appears to the subject. This can also be very useful for setting up your own lights when you don’t have someone to test with before a shoot.

This workshop will be limited to 8 participants to make sure everyone gets time to shoot. When the session fills up I will open it up to four auditor spots who may stay during the entire session, but will not have the opportunity to shoot during the live shooting session.

Who This Workshop is For

This workshop is for photographers who are comfortable using their cameras in Manual mode. No previous experience with using studio lights is necessary. Participants are encouraged to bring their camera to use during the shooting sessions. Participants can bring a studio light and/or their flash meter if they have questions about working with that specific device. 

For any questions about this workshop please contact me.

COVID Precautions

In order to do our part to help fight the spread of COVID-19, this session is being limited to six participants. This will allow for room for everyone to maintain distancing and still be able to all be together in the large space we’ll be using.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions/concerns about COVID related issues and this workshop.