The beautiful Micael Leigh travelling into the past during this shoot with trippintn_ ‘s VW Westfalia camper van. Micael came to this shoot dressed perfectly for the feel and vibe we were looking for to go with this classic VW van. This shot was taken through the windshield with the glare providing a washed out “vintage color film” look without the need to create the effect in post. The low sun to camera right is providing the main light while a Godox AD600 strobe in a 48″ round softbox is adding some soft fill from camera left.
This portrait breaks some rules with the way Micael’s left eye is out of view and the way her nose “breaks” the line of her face but the overall result I feel is worth those minor issues.
Trippintn_’s info on IG:
Sony A7r II
Sony 85mm 1.8
Godox AD600 strobe w/48″ parabolic softbox for fill