Reaching back about 30 years here with this portrait of Amy Victorine. Amy was the neighbor of one of my best friends back in 1990 and she graciously agreed to step in front of my camera for some black and white portraits. This shot was taken on the stairway landing in my friend James’ house. It was actually pretty cramped in this space but I feel like we made it work.

It’s been a long time but I’m pretty sure that I shot this with my Olympus OM2n with an 85mm 2.8 Olympus lens. The light was (most likely) from my Novatron 240 kit lights with a small 30 inch umbrella. Film was Ilford FP4 (iso 125).

Olympus OM2n
Olympus 85mm 2.8
Novatron 240 kit w/30″ umbrella
Ilford FP4 film