1,000 Words - Creating Compelling Portraits

Creating Compelling Portraits

Join me for two days dedicated to expanding and refining your portrait photography. In this workshop we’ll explore portraiture that goes beyond just capturing your subjects appearance to create images that grab the viewer’s attention. It should ask the viewer to explore all details and elements in the photograph to find the story within. This will be an interactive experience where, in addition to topical discussions and presentations, we will have at least two sessions for shooting each day (or more depending on time). We will also have two “field trips” where we will go on location to shoot with our models in some interesting environments.

We will have guest speakers that will present on topics such as working with models, working with makeup artists, and more. As we finalize the agenda the specific presenters and subject will be announced. I want all participants to share their thoughts and experience with their fellow attendees and most importantly, to have fun being creative! 

The Details

Date: Early 2021
Time: TBD
Where: On-Track Studios | 1978 Wilson Pk | Franklin, TN (Plus offiste shooting locations)
Workshop Fee: $235.00 (includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday)
How Many Spots: Six participants
Parking: There is plenty of free parking at On Track Studios
Food and Beverages: The workshop fee includes lunch for Saturday and Sunday. Snacks and beverages will be available all day at On Track Studios.

Who Should Attend this Workshop?

Serious Amateurs and Professionals
This workshop is for photographers who are comfortable with their camera gear and have a good understanding of the principles of image exposure. There will be a studio flash setup on hand during some of the shooting sessions. Experience with studio strobes will be helpful but, we will cover basic use during the workshop.

What Should Participants Bring?

Participants should bring their camera and favorite lenses to this workshop. I encourage participants to bring portable flashes, softboxes, and reflectors if this is something you would normally use. We will have some of these items on hand (though limited) for those who can’t bring or don’t have them. Additional batteries and memory cards would be a good idea as well. A laptop for processing/viewing your images as well as taking notes is highly recommended. Keep in mind that while you should bring what you need, there’s no need to bring the “kitchen sink”. Often you’ll have a better experience if you are more agile and not encumbered by carrying a lot of gear around.

Unsure about something you want to bring along? Please contact me and we’ll figure it out.

COVID-19 Precautions

We intend to make sure all participants feel safe and comfortable during this workshop with regards to any COVID-19 precautions in effect at the time. This workshop is intentionally being kept small so that participants will have plenty of room to remain as socially distant as they need. The expectation is that all involved will be mindful and respectful of their fellow attendee’s concerns and shall act accordingly. If you have any concerns about COVID-19 precautions please reach out to me and we’ll discuss them.